Small Business
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• Valid information
• Non-biased input
• Detailed, creative analysis
• Exploration of all options
• Evaluatioin of potential
  outcomes & consequences

Small Business

We provide comprehensive accounting services needed by closely held businesses. Engagements
are customized to meet the client's needs,
priorities and timetable.

Our services for small and family businesses include a strong educational component and are based on a complete understanding of each client's operational challenges, business goals and immediate concerns.

We understand the competitive and regulatory environment, management benchmarks, expansion strategies, capital markets, lender requirements, taxation and other issues unique to small business in a variety of industries.

We work with clients to help set goals, identify problems, and monitor performance. We like to meet at least quarterly to review what is going on with their business, where they are, their tax situation and other concerns. Regular pro-active communication helps clients stay on track to achieve their goals and means that year-end goes smoothly with no surprises at tax time.

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